Kelly Jarvis 


Hello, Thank you for visiting my page. 

My name is Kelly. 


What I share in my work today is from what I have developed through my own self practice and practices I have learnt from very inspiring teachers along my journey so far. 


 I believe we are forever students, always learning and growing. I am a fully qualified Meditation , Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher accredited by the British Wheel of yoga. I am also a fully qualified Mindfulness life coach.


I currently am also training to become a Yoga Therapists 580 hour diploma with the minded institute to become a yoga therapist with a key interest on working with individuals with specialist physical and mental health conditions. Specifically working with individuals learning to manage Grief, Depression, Anxiety, CFS, Fatigue, Autoimmune Disorders and Stress.


Within the teachings I share I aim to support you to build a personalised toolbox of Mindful management techniques that you can use in your everyday life.


I have a down to earth manner and style to my teachings and understand the need to translate mindfulness techniques and yoga practices in a way that can be useful to everyday life to help you truly flourish and shine your light. .

I look forward to connecting with you.