So excited to be delivering this workshop to you on Wednesday the 22nd of September. 7pm-9:30pm. @theyogashed


The Autumn equinox can be taken to mark the end of the astronomical summer and the beginning of the astronomical autumn.In this workshop the equinox timing will form the basis for our intentions of letting go, for renewal and change.


As do the seasons unfold, we too can build on transitions for ourselves, in our mindset with new perspectives and we can start a journey towards new energy, a reset and begin the next phase in our lives.Autumn can be a time for us to move inward , a time to reflect on what’s been before.Through flowing yoga and journaling we will begin to release what no longer serves us from the last few months, year or even decades, old habits , repeated patterns, stuck emotions.We will nourish ourselves with restorative yoga, stillness to heal from past experiences and we will find peace and clarity through meditation.Most of us have feelings of overwhelm, or challenge from the last year or so that may be sitting in our bodies and minds, we will play with laughter yoga and movement to find shifts and release tensions. Hopefully you will leave the space feeling lighter , uplifted and refreshed.This workshop is £35pp 20/% for @theyogashed members.