Winter Solstice Workshop 2021


This workshop will be an opportunity to cleanse the mind and body, slow down, be held and set intentions. Recognising the ever present light in darkness we will, together, find joy, laughter and peace.

The evening will include a guided meditation, journaling, pranayama to calm the mind and gentle, mindful movement and chants to tap into our own inner teacher.

Be physically and emotionally nourished through restorative and yin postures that can open up the body and the heart. Practice mantras, chants and even dance to let go and release any residual tension and find a euphoric sense of peace in the body and soul.

A warming tea or Golden Milk will be included whilst journalling.

Astrological winter begins at the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. Slowly, days will get longer and lighter from this day onwards. The triumph of light over darkness is echoed throughout almost all legendary stories and special festivals. In this workshop we will mark the start of our Annual journey towards longer days.

An opportunity to give gratitude for the time that has passed, to reflect upon what we have learnt and grown from. We will bring into our practice all that we are grateful for and make space for enquiry so that we can transition from what we no longer need to what we want to embrace.

light in darkness.jpg