Valentines Self Love workshop


Saturday the 19th of February

3pm-5:30pm at the yoga shed - Hitchin

2.5 hours.

£35 per person

This Valentines we will dedicate time to loving ourselves.


Choose yourself and go deeper within your own heart. Within this nurturing workshop you will be guided gently through an exploration and a feeling of the heart space.

We will delve into the energy at the heart centre through a variety of different practices such as slow, gentle yoga, flow yoga, guided meditation , Pranayama techniques, heart opening restorative practices, self love mantras and deep rest and relaxation.

Within this workshop you will have the opportunity to share, discuss and explore therapeutic practices that we can implement into our daily lives to cultivate more self love and kindness towards ourselves thus then warmly and openly passing this love and compassion on to others.

This will be a gift to yourself this Valentines and you will go away from the workshop feeling more open and lighter in your heart, body and breath.