Kelly Jarvis Yoga 

As a Yoga Teacher and Trainee Yoga Therapist I work specifically in helping support clients with their physical and mental health issues. If you are interested in a one to tone with one session with me please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss whether this would be a best option for you.
I charge the following for a one to one : 

In person / Online 60 minutes = £50 per person

for a block of 6 sessions = £250* Additional cost for room hire for in person. 

What people have said about my 1-1 offerings

“Since taking part in Kelly's 1-1 sessions  I have definitely learnt to take a step back and make time for myself as it’s so important!

Kelly is so professional, she made me feel at ease, telling me what we would be doing during each session and discussing how I felt after the meditations as some I didn’t know whether what I was feeling was right. By discussing our feelings, it showed there’s no right or wrong, everyone feels things differently, and Kelly has taught me how to deal with these feelings going forward.

Every week I looked forward to the little poem or story which was a “life lesson” which we would then discuss our feelings towards it.

Since finishing my sessions, I have noticed when I’m getting overwhelmed in day to day life and how to cope with these situations. I still meditate as this helps relax me and I want to improve on my yoga! Overall I couldn’t recommend Kelly and her 1-1 sessions enough, if you’ve been thinking about making more time for yourself, this is perfect to get you started!"

Katrina Clark