Privacy Policy

What information do we collect and keep?


The contact details that we collect include (contact name(s), email address & phone numbers).

The imagery we collect and keep include (photographs we take during workshops and events and videography that we capture at workshops and events).

The written feedback that we collect and keep includes (your written testimonials and feedback on the workshop).


How do I store your information?

Name(s), phone number and email address: In a safe and secure online database (DROPBOX) which only authorised personnel to have access to.

We never keep paper-based records of your contact details (name(s), phone number and email address) for longer than 24 hours and will always aim to upload this personal information to our secure password-secured online database. 

Photos and videos: stored in a secure online password secured company folder in DROPBOX which only authorised personnel to have access to.

How long do we keep your information for?

We will keep your information for the entirety of 2 calendar years in which you initially authorise us to collect and keep your information. Towards the end of the second calendar year, we send out our privacy policy for you to review and choose whether to agree with it again for the year to come so that we may continue to stay in touch, update you on upcoming workshops and events.

At any point, after agreeing with our privacy policy (giving us permission to use data in the ways listed in this document) you can choose to opt-out of your agreement made with us. In order to stop communication with ourselves and to prevent any further use of your information, data or imagery in the ways stated above, please unsubscribe by emailing In this case, we send you a confirmation email notifying you that we have received your request to opt-out and stating that we will begin the process of deleting your data from our password secure system ASAP. We will email within that week to confirm that it has all been done.


How will we potentially use your information?

We use your contact details in the following ways:

  • Phone number: to send any marketing and promotions to you regarding workshops, programs, events coming up. We may also send out confirmation text or WhatsApp messages to your phone regarding your upcoming event booking. 

  • Email address: to send any marketing and promotions to you regarding new workshops, programs and events. We may also send out confirmation emails to your email address regarding your upcoming bookings. We will use your email address to communicate with you from the start of your application process to our workshops and events, right through until post-workshop when we will use your email address to send you feedback to honour you for your unique contribution to the workshop and event as well as to offer you constructive feedback to further your professional development.

In the event of any of the above privacy policy being breached by Kelly Jarvis at Awareness Breathe Connection, the following steps will be taken to ensure that we sustain your trust, safety and that we minimise any potential dissatisfaction of our valued client. We will always tell you if the information that we have failed to keep secure, within the context of the above privacy policy, is your own information. We will then take all necessary steps, within our power to try to rectify the situation at hand and will update you at the end of undergoing the process. However please feel free to contact us whilst the process is underway if you feel necessary.