Mindful Snack

Red Apple
Whatever we do in life we can do it either mindlessly, as in the realm of ‘doing’, of just getting things done, without giving our attention to what we are doing, or we can move into the realm of ‘being’, where we mindfully take notice of just what we are engaged in, which normally means slowing down.
For this activity you will need a small piece of chocolate or a piece of fruit or a raisin.  
Here is a step by step guide: 
1. Sit comfortably in a chair. 
2. Place the raisin in the palm of your hand.
3. Examine the raisin as if you had never seen it before. Try and adopt an attitude of curiosity.
4. Imagine that this is the first time that you have ever seen one, what an usual thing it is. 
5. Notice the feel of it in your hand... feel it's texture between your fingers, turn it over... perhaps notice the feel of it in your hand.. feel it's texture between your fingers, turn it over...perhaps trying this with your eyes closed to see what difference that makes. 
6. Try gently squeezing the raisin. What does that feel like ?
7. Look closely at your raisin. What colour is it and does it have more than one colour? 
8. What size is it compared with the palm of your hand? Hold the raisin beneath your nose and inhaling gently notice whatever aroma you can... Does it remind you of anything?
9. Try pressing the raisin with your lips and notice how that feels...Take the raisin inside your mouth.... Let it rest on your tongue and notice what the sensation is...Slowly roll it around in your mouth a little.... Do you start to become aware of a taste ? What does it taste like ? 
10. Squeeze the raisin between your teeth and notice whether the taste changes... Gently bite into the raisin and again notice what effect this has on the taste.... Slowly chew the raisin a number of times and keep noticing the change in taste – does it become more intense ?  Does the texture change ?
11. Eventually swallow your raisin and notice how it feels to do that.... What after taste is left in your mouth ? 

Duration: 10 mins 
Suitable for: Any age