The Gratitude Glass

Glass Tumbler
Duration: 5 minutes 
Suitable for : Children aged 8-16
So often in life it can become so easy to focus on what we have lost, what we would like and we forget to focus on what we already have. Mindfulness practices allow us to do this, to come back to what we have right now, being thankful for it all.
This practice allows us to step away from the chatter of the mind that perhaps makes us feel as though we need more or should have more and instead allows us to feel grateful and happy with what we already have in our lives. 
Being grateful is very similar to being thankful. You feel so good about something that you feel like saying thank you for it. 
Read the guidance below on how to practice this activity. After a few attempts your child may be able to lead themselves on their own without the support from someone else.
1. Take a moment to be still and practice a gentle breath, in through the nose and out through the nose. 
2. Think about something that you are grateful for in this moment - perhaps something that makes you feel happy when you think about it. For example you may be thankful for the sun shining or someone that you love in your life. 
3. See if you can think of another two things. 
4. Each time you think of something else to be grateful for try to visualize or image yourself  being an empty glass filling yourself up with all that attitude of gratitude.
5. Keep going until your glass is full to the top with gratitude. You could even keep going until it may spill over. 
6. Notice how you feel and take a few seconds to let the gratitude sink in. 
Top tips:
There are so many ways you can do this exercise. 
  • You could say out loud what you are grateful for to whoever you are doing this exercise with.
  • You could keep a gratitude journal - everyday writing down what you are grateful for.
  • You could make a poster about all the things you are grateful for and add to them whenever you think of something new. Reminding yourself everyday of all the wonderful things you already have in your life. 
  • You could physically have a glass by your bed side that you fill up everyday by writing gratitude's on a small piece of paper and placing into the glass. At the end of the week you take all the pieces of paper out and read them. Helping you to feel thankful and ready for a new positive week ahead.