Breathing Space

Duration : 3 minutes

Suitable for : Any age 

Sit in a comfortable and fairly upright position .


It may help to close your eyes and imagine that you have a wide field of awareness, both inside and outside of your body....


Expansive awareness


Notice what you are feeling at this moment physically and emotionally....

What do you notice about your posture and how your posture feels?

Do you feel particularly comfortable in any way and if so where is this?

Be curious about what thought's you are aware of going through your mind at this moment....

Can you place a little distance between you and your thoughts?

Try and observe them non-judgmentally and in a detached way rather than being caught up in them.


Narrowing into breathing

Narrow your attention now to inside yourself and into your own breathing....


Bring your attention down to your breathing

Bring your attention down to your breathing and the gentle rise and fall of your abdomen.

You’re not trying to change your breathing in any way....

Just simply being aware of it in a friendly open way...


It will of course be quite natural for your attention to wander away from your breathing and if this happens, just notice where your attention has gone and then gently lead it back to your breathing again.


Expanding awareness

Allow your conscious awareness to expand once again....From your abdomen and into your whole body.


If you can, notice a feeling of breathing into your whole body. As it happens, your whole body breathe's through your skin.



See if you can be aware of a sense of wholeness and completeness in yourself....Fully accepting and non-

striving....It's OK to be just who you are at this moment.


Gently open your eyes and have a stretch.