Mindful Meditation for Teens 6 week programme

This programme is for anyone aged 11-18, whether you are a beginner to mindfulness and meditation or experienced.

EXCITING NEWS!!! Introducing the 6 weeks

Starts Tuesday 7th January

5pm - 6pm
6 week course £66
Early bird price £60 if booked before December 13th


This 6 week course covers something new each week!


You will...

  • Experience a variety of formal and informal mindfulness and meditation practices, mindful movement, create vision boards, and participate in team building activities, holding discussions on mindfulness stories and poems.

  • Learn tools and techniques to take away with you and practice at home.

  • Discuss the 7 key attitudes to mindfulness. Non judgement, patience, beginners mind, trust, non -striving, acceptance and letting go. Talking about one of these attitudes each week and discussing how we can use these attitudes in our everyday life and how they can help us and those around us.

Mindfulness practice can help with...

  • Reducing fatigue, aches, pains, anxiety, stress, depression and worry.  It can also improve concentration, improve positive feelings, thoughts and emotions towards yourself and others.

  • Teens will be given a little homework task each week to practice what is learnt in the sessions to further enhance their mindfulness practices and see the most progress.

  • In todays age of technology driven activities as well as social and peer pressure, learning these mindfulness techniques are proving to be invaluable tools for our young people growing up in the World today with all its wonder and high demands!