Kelly Jarvis Yoga 

Wellbeing For Teachers & Staff within an Education setting.

I offer wellbeing services that include Therapeutic Yoga , breathwork and Mindfulness life coaching for Staff within an education setting.

I have high levels of experience delivering Workshops and programmes to help staff with stress management . 

About me and my experience 

I am a fully qualified Secondary school Teacher ( Head of Dance).

I am a fully qualified Yoga and mindfulness Teacher.

I am also a trainee yoga therapist - level 7. 

I have a wide range of experience working in a variety of schools , colleges and universities delivering Wellbeing workshops and programmes to staff. 

Packages I offer. 


You can choose from :

Option 1- A two hour wellbeing Session

Option 2 - A day wellbeing programme - Session 1 & 2 * Break Session 3 & 4  *lunch 

Option 3 - A 6 week wellbeing programme which includes  six two hour sessions. 

Staff focused

Example Session... 

Session 1) 

Wellbeing workshop

Within this session with Kelly Staff will learn and take part in practices that will include Meditations, Breathing techniques ( Pranayama) , Yoga Asana ( Physical Movement) , Discussions and Journaling on how through Yoga, Mindfulness and breath work practices can help to develop a resilience to stress , improve immune function and overall ,mental , physical and emotional wellbeing. 


If you would like to book a bespoke Wellbeing workshop or programme for your Teachers and staff within your school get in touch today.

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