Kelly Jarvis Yoga 

Wellbeing in Higher Education 

As a fully qualified secondary school teacher I understand the need and importance for Yoga and Mindfulness in Secondary & Higher Education. 

I offer wellbeing services that include Therapeutic Yoga , breathwork and Mindfulness life coaching for Students and Staff in an education setting. ( Secondary schools , colleges & Universities)


I am a fully qualified Secondary school Teacher. I am a fully qualified Yoga and mindfulness Teacher.

I am also a trainee yoga therapist - level 7 ( Masters equivalent).

I have a wide range of experience working in an education setting, delivering wellbeing focused sessions for both Students & Staff. 

Packages I offer. 


You can choose from :

Option 1- A two hour wellbeing Session

Option 2 - A day wellbeing programme - Session 1 & 2 * Break Session 3 & 4  *lunch 

Option 3 - A 6 week wellbeing programme which includes  six two hour sessions. 

A*  Student focused

B*  Staff focused 


Example Session... 

Session 1) 

Yoga for Students own Mental & Physical well-being. ( Focus on lead up to exams)

Within this session with Kelly you will learn and take part in practices that will include Meditations, Breathing techniques ( Pranayama) , Yoga Asana ( Physical Movement) , Discussions and Journaling on how through Yoga you can develop practices to help you mentally , physically and emotionally with coping with the lead up to exams or assessment deadlines.  


Session 2) For Trainee teachers

Guidance on how students can take Yoga & Mindfulness  into secondary schools.


Within this session with Kelly you will learn skills , practices and guidance on how to bring Yoga , Mindfulness , Breath - work and Meditation to the classroom in a secondary setting. You will be given resources to take away with you to use whilst on placement and then into your teaching career. There will be learning and discussions around how to create and deliver a Yoga & Mindfulness scheme of work within the Secondary School Setting / Secondary school age students.

I would love to come and meet with you or set up a zoom call for us to discuss further if you are interested in what I can offer for your students / staff and how the programmes/ sessions would work best for your students or staff. 


If you have any questions please contact Kelly Jarvis via email : Website: