Kelly Jarvis Yoga 

Wellbeing in Secondary School Education - Student focused

As a fully qualified secondary school teacher I understand the need and importance for Yoga and Mindfulness in Secondary & Higher Education. 

I offer wellbeing services that include Therapeutic Yoga , breathwork and Mindfulness life coaching for Students within an education setting. Delivering Workshops and programmes to build students Self - esteem, resilience , confidence , compassion and courage to navigate their way in the ups and downs of life. 

About me and my experience with working with Students. 

I am a fully qualified Secondary school Teacher ( Head of Dance).

I am a fully qualified Yoga and mindfulness Teacher.

I am also a trainee yoga therapist - level 7. 

I have a wide range of experience working in a variety of schools , colleges and universities delivering Wellbeing workshops and programmes to students from a variety of different backgrounds. 

Packages I offer. 


You can choose from :

Option 1- A two hour wellbeing Session

Option 2 - A day wellbeing programme - Session 1 & 2 * Break Session 3 & 4  *lunch 

Option 3 - A 6 week wellbeing programme which includes  six two hour sessions. 

A*  Student focused

Example Session... 

Session 1) 

Yoga for Students own Mental & Physical well-being. ( Focus on Self Esteem)

Within this session with Kelly students will learn and take part in practices that will include Meditations, Breathing techniques ( Pranayama) , Yoga Asana ( Physical Movement) , Discussions and Journaling on how through Yoga students can develop practices to help them build more confidence and compassion towards themselves.

Mindfulness children & Teens live online classes starting next week. Further details to fo