Meditation and Self-Care Workshop for adults


This workshop will explore both Meditation and Mindfulness practices, providing tools and techniques to take home to develop your own self-care practice.


With Kelly Jarvis 
Tuesday 12th November

6.30 pm - 7.45 pm 
Cost £20


We spend our lives on autopilot. This creates havoc with our health and well being. Mindfulness, meditation and taking time to connect with yourself through these practices, helps to relax our nervous system.


Moving the mind and body out of the 'fight or flight' mode brings us to a calmer and less stressed place as well as so many other benefits including:

  • Improved concentration

  • More oxygen to the cells in the body and mind, helping to restore and regenerate

  • Overall healthier digestion and healing in the body

  • Improved sleep

  • Reduced levels of fatigue, migraines, aches and pains, stress and anxiety

  • Helps us to feel a deeper connection with our bodies and more compassion towards ourselves.

Throughout the workshop, you will have the opportunity to experience mindfulness, meditation practices.


We will share discussions on various Mindfulness poems and stories which can be applied to everyday life.


I will introduce mindfulness tools and techniques to take away with you to use at work, in your relationships and home life.

We will have discussions on self-care, mindfulness at work, setting intentions for the future and the importance of keeping a gratitude journal. And there will be some tasks to take away with you and complete at home in your own time.

This workshop is open to beginners learning to meditate and practice mindfulness and to those who already have a practice and would like to develop further and learn some new tools and techniques.

Remember we have the power inside of us to truly flourish in life. Sometimes we just need a little guidance to help create and develop our own self-care mindfulness toolbox to help us each and every day.