A Mindfulness practice with Music

Informal Mindfulness practice 🎧 ... 🦋

Within Mindfulness Meditation we have formal and informal practices . Sitting in a formal meditation practice can often feel daunting to those who perhaps have never tried meditating before or for children, teens or adults who have a very busy mind. If this is the case there are a wide variety of informal mindfulness practices that you, your child or love one could do whilst building up to practicing formal sitting down meditations. I will share more on here in the future . Here is one for you to have a play around with... The Mindful music practice is a fun everyday practice that you can do at anytime throughout the day. Here’s some tips: 1. First of all Choose a piece of music to listen to. 2. Before playing the music perhaps stop what you are doing first and just gently take a moment to breathe and connect to yourself. 3. Inhale through your nose, and exhale deeply through your mouth. Notice your body, and tune into how it feels, whether you’re standing, sitting, walking, or laying down. notice any sensations in your body. 4. It’s a great idea to Use headphones if you can as it helps you to focus. (Perhaps your headphones are in better condition than mine are in this photo 😂) 5. Select the music and then put your phone in your pocket . Give yourself permission to only listen to the music and perhaps put your phone on do not disturb. 6. If your at home or in a safe place perhaps close your eyes whilst doing this. 7. Let yourself be aware of anything you notice, without judgment. Become aware of the pace or the volume of the music. 8. Notice any thoughts or feelings that come up . 9. Let any thoughts just pass through your awareness, and then gently bring yourself back to the sounds of the music and the breath. 10. Take a moment to breathe and check in with your body, breath, and mind . Does anything feel different? Do you notice any shifts after listening to the piece of music? Do you feel any different to before the practice ? This is a great fun way to bring mindfulness practices into everyday life. You might want to experiment with different types of music. Enjoy 🦋

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