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A lot of people have reached out to me recently to say they are not sleeping too well with the worry and uncertain times we face and asked if I had any advice. As someone who suffered with insomina for sometime with pain in my body or up worrying about how my new life would be, managing a chronic condition

& a complete lifestyle change, I thought to share some insights that I found to help me. Even just starting with one change may help you......

⭐️1- NO phones/ screens at least an hour before bed time. Nothing too stimulating. Take off all notifications . Phone on silent. I sleep best with no tv/ phone 2 hours before bed. Instead read a book , draw, talk with loved ones about your day, sip on some night time tea after dinner like chamomile & gently stretch checking in with yourself and your body.

⭐️2- Spend some time writing in your journal 📔 listing all the things you are grateful for today. Things you need to do tomorrow so the thoughts are cleared from your mind and onto paper instead.

⭐️3- Take a bath with magnesium salts, lavender essential oils, relaxing music and/or candles. For at least 20 minutes. Close your eyes and enjoy a nice warm soak.

⭐️4-Massage essential oils onto skin.

⭐️5-Once in your pjams or birthday suit lie in bed and take some long slow breaths with your eyes closed. Feel your skin with hands on your belly. Feel your belly rise and fall. Take an inhale for 4, exhale for 8. Repeat this for a few rounds. Then gently come back to neutral breathing. If your mind begins to wonder just accept the thoughts and try not to get too attached to what comes up. Perhaps a chosen mantra e.g “ Not now darling another time“ so your mind knows not to engage in that story & it’s time for sleep.

If you do all of this and still wake up (it can happen), first of all be gentle with yourself. If you wake up in the night, accept the situation for what it is. The more you create a battle with yourself, telling yourself how angry you are that you can not sleep or need to sleep, the more you will not sleep. Instead take your deep breaths (explained above). Place your hands on your skin & repeat your chosen mantra.

Sleep well 💜 ⭐️

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