Loving Kindness Meditation practice💜

Awareness Breathe Connection 🦋

Each Mindfulness Meditation practice can be as long or short as you make it.

The full version of this particular loving Kindness Meditation practice lasts around 20 minutes. However, if you notice that negative thought patterns are starting to take over or you are being very negative towards yourself/ others, you feel fear ,or you just feel a little overwhelmed you can simply... -Take a moment to pause

-Place your hands on your heart

-Close your eyes

-Take 3 deep cleansing breaths

This helps to bring awareness back to your breath and therefore helping you to connect back to your body away from the mind.

Wether or not you do the longer meditation version or the mindful 3 breaths focus on the idea that this is a little time for you to detach and step away from the thoughts that are running the show. 🦋

At first this may be a strange concept to you and you may feel a little strange at first but try to remind yourself in a gentle way that it is OK to take this short amount of time to connect back to the breath and body and to become aware of your thoughts in a non judgmental way. Helping to label the thoughts as just thoughts. Taking away their power. 🦋

You may choose to add onto the 3 breaths by choosing an intention to come back to throughout the day ... You can say to yourself whilst taking the cleansing breaths an intention that feels right and comes up for you in the particular moment.

For example ...

-I am safe

-I am calm

-I am healthy

How do you want to feel in that moment ?

By setting an intention you can remind yourself of how you truly want to feel not how your ego wants you to feel. 🙏

I particularly love doing this practice as you can come back to this intention at anytime of the day.Simply by placing your hand on your heart as a little reminder to come back to the breath and back to the body.🦋 Remember be kind to yourself no one is perfect.

Ask yourself... Would I say / react in the way I do to myself to one of my best friends? When we can develop a loving kind connection with ourselves we can share more love and kindness to our loved ones and the world.🦋

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