Self compassion

What if we could be brave and show ourselves the same love, kindness and care that we show to our loved ones?

What if we can be brave enough to listen within?

Our mind, body and soul has always wanted to be our best friend but sometimes we have layers of unlearning to do, to find a way to truly listen to these loving messages. External influences, learnt behaviours, external pressures, limited beliefs have got in our way. We are told that stopping is not productive. Stopping is lazy. Stopping is weak. But what if we could go against what society tells us and stop to listen to our own wisdom and intuition. To listen to what that little voice deep inside of us is trying to communicate. The loving, caring, gentle one who really wants to help us flourish. The moment we do this is the moment we become our own best friend. We are able to separate the thoughts that are unhelpful to us to the ones that lift us up. It’s only through taking the dedicated time to stop, to breathe, to become aware of this reality that we can start to develop this loving, kind and compassionate relationship with ourselves that becomes much greater than any limited beliefs we once set for ourselves without even realizing. You are brave. You are strong. You are so much more than you think you are. Remember everyday to remind yourself of this. Label those thoughts that no longer serve you as just a thought and give it no more attention. That thought is not you. That thought is not true. That thought is just a pattern that is no longer helpful to you in your life. You are so much more. You are brave .

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