Stop meditation


The One-Minute Breathing Space practice.

Mindfulness practices can be done in just one minute and just that one minute can make such a positive impact on your day. ⭐️ What we are doing is creating a space to reconnect with your natural resilience and wisdom.

If you remember nothing else, just remember the word “STOP”. Have you noticed times when you just needed some “breathing space”? This, very brief practice provides a way to step out of automatic pilot mode and into the present moment.

You are simply tuning in to what is happening right now, without expectation of any particular result.

S – Stop and take Stock Checking in to Head/Heart/Body

Bring yourself into the present moment by deliberately asking - What is my experience right now?

Thoughts… (what are you saying to yourself, what images are coming to mind)

Feelings… (enjoying, neutral, upset, excited, sad, angry, etc.)

Sensations… (physical sensations, tightness, holding, lightness)

Acknowledge and register your experience, even if it is uncomfortable.

T – “Take” a Breath Directing awareness to Breathing

Gently direct full attention to breathing, to each in-breath and to each out-breath as they follow, one after the other. Your breath can function as an anchor to bring you into the present and help you tune into a state of awareness and stillness.

O – Open and Observe – Expanding awareness outward

Expand the field of your awareness around and beyond your breathing, so that it includes a sense of the body as a whole, your posture, and facial expression, then further outward to what is happening around you: sights, sounds, smells, etc.

P – Proceed / New Possibilities Continuing without expectation

Let your attention now move into the world around you, sensing how things are right now.

Rather than react habitually/mechanically, you can be curious/open, responding naturally.

You may even be surprised by what happens next after having created this breathing space… enjoy 🦋

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