Take time to stop

Awareness, Breathe, Connection ⭐️

Some days our ego wants us to do one thing but our body & soul wants something different.

This week my body is asking for lots of rest.

Time to stop and slow down.

Time to gently connect back to my body.

Time away from any to do list.

Moving slow in a busy world is hard. Especially when you’re not someone who naturally wants to stop but our body’s remind us of what it needs and if we don’t listen it will force us to stop without an option.

For anyone who needed to hear this today as I know I did at the start of the week ... Have the courage to stop and listen when your body needs that extra slowness and care.

Sit with the resistance to stop, sit with the thoughts of feeling you ‘should be doing’ instead move from a place of doing to being . ⭐️

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