Teens workshop

Awareness ⭐️ .

Only when we give ourselves time to stop, listen within and reflect can we start to open our mind to reprogramming, unlearning, change and therefore have freedom from what no longer serves us.

Learning how to become more aware of ourselves , our thoughts and our passions, helps to give ourselves permission to trust and truly listen to our own intuition... our very own wisdom 🙏💫 This is a picture of the incredible girls who came along to the previous mindfulness teens programme I held at@devayogauk. Within the workshops I share we go through not only breath work but awareness activities to strengthen teens confidence to feel and listen within. To develop ways to build their resilience to follow their own dreams and not someone else’s 💫

The next teens workshop coming up is at@devayogaukon the 12th of May. Specially designed to help teens who are dealing with exam pressures and worry ⭐️

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