What is Mindfulness ?

Updated: May 14, 2020

Mindfulness has lots of different definitions. The way I like to define mindfulness, within my practice, as a way of developing a way that you can relate to your thoughts in a more helpful way, allowing you to become more aware, compassionate and kind with yourself. As a result, you will become less reactive and more responsive in a positive manner. People often look at Mindfulness the same as training a muscle, the idea that we can train our mind like a muscle. The mind never stops we can't turn it off but we can quiet the mind.
We can learn to accept things for how they are, to not get attached to them, a thought is a thought. If we can become aware and awakened to what is going on in the mind
I believe we can then work on improving everything else in our lives.
Practicing mindfulness techniques has so many effects on the mind, body and heart. Learning mindfulness and meditation techniques help to decrease cortisol, helps to boost the immune system, improves medical conditions and psychological conditions. Practicing mindfulness helps to improve attention, concentration, compassion, empathy, non-judgement, reflection and stillness.
Mindfulness, meditation and movement is an ever-growing practice. We continue to learn more and more about ourselves on the journey. The tools and techniques taught within this approach allow you to use these tools and techniques for life.

Mindfulness and meditation tools can help us live a more peaceful, meaningful and fulfilling life if we give ourselves the time to practice regularly.

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