Awareness ⭐️ . 
Only when we give ourselves time to stop, listen within and reflect can we

Education & Teens

mindfulness helps ...

... open up opportunities for students to improve their social, emotional, physical and mental health.

... by giving students independent behavior management tools.

... develop a greater awareness of their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

... create positive relationships with themselves and others by developing their emotional intelligence.

... develop the students' self-confidence, with greater control over actions, choices and decisions.

... to tune into a place of calm, away from worry and anxiety train students concentration and focus and to be in the PRESENT MOMENT. 

Workshop themes are below. 
Schools can pick a one hour workshop or you can choose the programme which includes all six one hour workshops which involves a one hour workshop each week for six weeks. 
Each workshop includes
  • Life skills coaching , discussions and written tasks,
  • Yoga and movement exploration 
  • Mindfulness and meditation tools and techniques 
  • Mindful  discussions
  • Mindfulness team building activities 

We are now offering online programmes/workshops
  • One hour Taster workshops
  •  1-day workshops
  • Six workshop based programme 
  • Private 1-1 student support
Example 1-Day Workshop 


Selected workshops x 2



selected workshops x 2 



Intervention session with selected students / 1-1 support

Workshop 1 

Awareness and open mindedness 

Learning outcomes 

  • To understand what is meant by the terms awareness and open mindedness 

  • To explore tools and techniques to  become self aware of thoughts, behaviours, and emotions. 

Workshop 2 

Self discipline and integrity

Learning outcomes 

  • To understand what is meant by the terms self discipline and integrity 

  • To explore self reflective activities to develop individual self discipline and integrity. 

Workshop 3 

Resilience & Courage

Learning outcomes 

  • To understand what is meant by the term resilience and courage

  • To explore Mindfulness tools and techniques , practices and self awareness activities to build on their own resilience and courage.

Workshop 4

Compassion & non judgement 

Learning objectives


  • To understand what is meant to by the term kindness, compassion and self compassion. 

  • To explore informal mindfulness practices to include more self compassion and compassion for others in our lives.

Workshop 5 

Gratitude & Curioisty

Learning objectives 

  • To understand what is meant by gratitude and curiosity

  • To explore tools and techniques to find inner happiness,  acceptance of current situations and to acknowledge success and reflect upon their success.

Workshop 6 

 purpose & Motivation

Learning outcomes 

  • To understand what is meant by having our own life purpose and motivation in life 

  • To explore ways to find your inner purpose and motivation to follow your dreams