Mindful Teachers CPD online

How can Mindfulness help your staff?

These online sessions I provide are designed for the wellbeing of staff or to aid the teaching and learning that takes place within the school setting. 

Each school is given a bespoke plan in order to account for individual school needs and desires.


Mindfulness Tools and Techniques help ...

... improve concentration and work productivity

... improved sleep and sleep quality

... reduce levels of fatigue, migraines, aches and pains, stress and anxiety

... reduce levels of sickness 

... improves mental, physical and social wellbeing

We are now offering online
  • 1-hour CPD workshops online after school
  • 1-day CPD online workshops
  •  Private 1-1 teacher support online
Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs and desires and together we can come up with a bespoke programme to best suit your school and your greatest asset, your teachers.
Example 1-Day CPD Workshop online 


1-hour Mindfulness Meditation practice. Discussions on Mindfulness.

What is mindfulness? How can it help in your day to day life ?

Discussions on how to look after yourself and self-care. 

Talks about how mindfulness can be incorporated into everyday life to

help improve staff wellbeing and health.  


1 Hour staff Learn mindfulness tools and techniques to help them in their personal and work life



1 hour Staff Learn mindfulness tools to use within lesson times. Mindfulness games, activities and a variety of different techniques to use within the classroom.


1 hour Staff continue to learn and start to practice teaching mindfulness tools and techniques to teach their students in lesson time



1 hour Mindfulness Meditation practice. Rest and relaxation meditations. Discussions, poems and stories shared.