“Since taking part in the 8 week 1-1 mindfulness programme I have definitely learnt to take a step back and make time for myself as it’s so important! Kelly is so professional, she made me feel at ease, telling me what we would be doing during each session and discussing how I felt after the meditations as some I didn’t know whether what I was feeling was right. By discussing our feelings, it showed there’s no right or wrong, everyone feels things differently, and Kelly has taught me how to deal with these feelings going forward. Every week I looked forward to the little poem or story which was a “life lesson” which we would then discuss our feelings towards it. Since finishing my sessions, I have noticed when I’m getting overwhelmed in day to day life and how to cope with these situations. I still meditate as this helps relax me and I want to improve on my yoga! Overall I couldn’t recommend Kelly and her 8 week 1-1 programme enough, if you’ve been thinking about making more time for yourself, this is perfect to get you started!"

Katrina Clark

“I’ve really enjoyed Kelly’s sessions and couldn’t recommend her enough, especially for people new to Mindfulness and Yoga. She has helped me develop my breathe awareness which has been extremely helpful in my day to day life and throughout my pregnancy."

Laura Styles

"Thank you Kelly. I really enjoyed the self care Mindfulness workshop. We all know we should slow down ...... but “how” is a harder thing to achieve ! You gave a great insight into “how” , I hope you can do more of these workshops as I’d really like to come along and I will recommend this to friends.."

Liz Stiddard

"A very big thank you for the wonderful Mindfulness session that my daughter has attended. She has found them extremely beneficial, relaxing, inspiring and so much more. I'm sure she will take these lessons on throughout her life. You have been amazing and I absolutely highly recommend your course.

Many thanks."



Mindfulness & Meditation wasn’t something I knew much about before Kelly’s introductory workshop, I was unsure what to expect but Kelly made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I was really inspired by the simple techniques she shared that have allowed me to incorporate meditation into my daily routine. The results have been hugely beneficial for me, I have lowered my stress levels, improved my sleep and feel my attention and focus has greatly improved. I would absolutely recommend Kelly’s programmes and will continue working with her to improve my mind & body . 

Jemma Wines


I have taken part in several of Kelly's meditation sessions now in the midst of studying for my Masters degree and I can't comprehend how helpful they have been ! Understandably we all go through our own stresses in life, and for me I never knew a bit of mindfulness was what I needed at this point in time. Since I am a perfectionist with my uni work, I have certainly found it difficult in allowing myself the time to focus on myself, since to me my work is never perfect, and thus, I am never at ease with what I have achieved at the end of the day. However, in doing so, in allowing myself that time, I have benefited so much in terms of calming my senses, in allowing me to acknowledge my thoughts simply as thoughts, and this has created a vibe that is just simply much more positive. I am more focused as a result and feel a lot more at ease when I am done with my working day. Thank you. I look forward to the next one. 

Megan Lucy
Firstly I want to say a huge thank you to Kelly for making me feel human again. Due to Covid I haven’t been able to go to my weekly yoga classes. Kelly’s virtual classes are amazing, feeling the benefit and support as I would usually. Her mindful meditations have enabled me to feel more myself during these stressful and strange times in the world. She is welcoming, bubbly and supportive in all ways possible. It feels so lovely to be part of her mindful yoga community, can’t wait for next week!

Lianne Taylor
"I can't recommend Kelly and her classes enough!
I have always been too scared to join a yoga class because I thought my health, fitness level and weight would make it inaccessible to me. But Kelly has found a wonderful balance of creating an inclusive and safe environment whilst encouraging everyone to push themselves a little bit each week.
She always explains how to move into and hold the poses and I really love that she tells you what each pose is doing for your body and how it fits into each session. We revisit a lot of poses and can see ourselves improving week on week but there's also always something new.
Saturday morning's with Kelly has quickly become my favourite part of the week and a much needed time out during lockdown. This is a great way to improve your physical and emotional health in a class full of positivity and laughter. And if you're lucky Coco the pug might even make an appearance!"

Lucy Wood 
I highly recommend 'Beginners Yoga' sessions. Kelly is an amazing teacher. Her instructions are clear and precise and if you struggle with any poses, Kelly will go above and beyond to help you master them. Each week you re-visit positions but also practice new ones to push yourself further in your development of Yoga practice.
Not only do I feel like I have had a physical work out but also I feel relaxed. This is due to the meditation session near the end of the class.
I definitely recommend Kelly.


I had never previously tried a yoga class, but had always wanted to. Beginner’s Yoga on a Zoom session was the perfect opportunity to try something new!

Every session has been so rewarding covering a different theme and focus each week, although gently stretching all muscles.

Kelly is just fabulous, understanding of all abilities and makes every session engaging. I always feel calm and relaxed at the end of every session.